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BatRecycle Invention

BatRecycle Invention

An ingenious new device called BatRecycle® – an environmentally friendly way of testing and disposing of consumer batteries – has just hit the market.
The patented product is the brainchild of Merthyr Tydfil-based battery distributor,  Supac Ltd,  which was formed more than 60 years ago.

The company spotted a gap in the market for such a device now that the EU Battery Directive has come into force.

Furthermore, research released by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) revealed that:

*88 per cent of people said they would recycle if they had a container to collect batteries in.

*72 per cent of people said they would recycle if they could test if batteries were spent.

BatRecycle®, answers both the above public demands in one neat solution.

The container holds 2 kg worth of batteries ready for recycling, while   an integrated diagnostic facility for AA, AAA C and D type batteries tests if batteries are spent or re-usable.

“Currently,  in the UK, 30,000 tonnes of consumer batteries go to landfill every year, where they can pollute land and water as potentially hazardous substances leak from them,” says Neil Morgan of Supac.

“However, this will have to change with the introduction of the EU Battery Directive, and, by 2016, the UK will have to increase the collection and recycling of consumer batteries from 3% to 45%, bringing us in line with our European neighbours where recycling of household batteries in countries such as Belgium is already 59%,” he adds.

In addition to helping the environment, BatRecycle® will help households save money by enabling the consumer to test batteries and re-use those that still have life in them.

Orders for the product have also been received from Australia.

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