Eco News

DNA kit to fight wildlife crime

South Africa - The Department of Environmental Affairs has launched a DNA barcoding kit on Monday to help officials to combat wildlife crime. … [Read more...]

Renewable energy benefits SA

Renewable energy has benefited South Africa, a study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has found. … [Read more...]

Miners new solar employment

Morgantown - In Central Appalachia there has been a group dedicated to creating alternative energy jobs in the area. It is a building first for the West Virginia southern coalfields region - rooftop solar panels, put together by the unemployed and underemployed coal miners and contractors of the region. … [Read more...]

New Desertec initiative stalls

An ambitious plan to provide 15% of Europe's power needs from solar plants in North Africa has run into trouble. … [Read more...]

Search For Electric Racing Car Designers

Drayson Racing Technologies (DRT), the company behind the 200 mph B12/69EV all-electric racing car that recently set a new electric record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, is launching a unique competition with the Royal College of Art's prestigious Vehicle Design programme in London. … [Read more...]

BMW And Toyota Collaboration

Last week BMW and Toyota announced a joint development for a fuel cell sports car in extension of the research partnership of lithium ion batteries established last year. With this step, both companies are keeping their options wide open. While BMW has proactively been developing a hydrogen engine vehicle, Toyota's … [Read more...]

Up to The Private Sector to Invest in New Technology

In free-market economies, decisions about whether to invest in a technology or an industry are made by market actors with private capital. The promise of profit induces investment in promising ventures and the sting of loss penalizes those investments that turn out to be misguided. Of course, we live in a mixed economy … [Read more...]

Trailblazing green technology company

Cenin, the pioneering company manufacturing ultra low carbon cement replacement products, is planning the next stage of its development of the Stormydown research facility where it operates. … [Read more...]