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Green Deal improve UK homes

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517,000 households have been helped to improve their homes to make them more energy efficient through the Green Deal or Energy Company Obligation (ECO) since the schemes started last year.

Energy Company Obligation

The Green Deal and ECO were introduced by the government to help people take control of their energy use and reduce their bills. By offering tailored advice about how to improve properties and ways to make this affordable, the Green Deal helps households to buy less energy while making it easier to keep their homes warm at the same time.

Up to the end of February this year,163,000 Green Deal assessments have taken place. The statistics also show 517,000 households had work done up to the end of January. This is over half way to the government’s target of one million homes being upgraded through ECO and the Green Deal by April 2015.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey, said:

“This government is taking action to help people and businesses control their energy bills now. Last December we announced that we were reducing the cost of government policies, saving households an average of £50 each.

“Yesterday, this government announced measures in the Budget to ensure continued investment in low carbon technology, retain our competitiveness and continue to guarantee energy security. The Budget measures will lower households electricity bills by an estimated £15 in 2020.

“With regards to the Green Deal and ECO, making it easier for people to have more energy efficient homes is the best way to put consumers in control so they can keep bills down permanently.

“It’s clear there is a real appetite for more energy efficient homes, which also helps to reduce carbon emissions as well as creating jobs and economic growth in the energy efficiency sector.”

Two research projects looking at awareness of the Green Deal and customer experiences have also been published which show around 80 per cent of households that had a Green Deal assessment between January 2013 and October 2013 have installed, are in the process of installing, or intend to install, at least one measure.

The research also shows 89 per cent of those that have installed an energy efficiency measure after a Green Deal assessment said they have or would recommend it to friends and family.

Tim Proctor, lives with his partner and baby son in North London. The temperature inside their new-build home fluctuated and as a result needed to be heated constantly to maintain a stable temperature.

He had a Green Deal assessment to understand more about what he could do to make his home warmer and more energy efficient, and then went ahead and had external wall insulation installed.

“We had to keep the heating on for long periods of time to keep our house stable and warm. We were concerned, along with everyone, at the rising rate of energy bills and were keen to do something to lessen the burden,” he explained.

“Our Green Deal assessment was quick and straightforward and provided us with all the information on the costs of the work and the different finance options available to us. We financed the work ourselves having decided it was a worthwhile investment, and received a 20 per cent subsidy through our Green Deal provider, which was a great help.

“Straight away I noticed that the walls were retaining heat. The temperature now remains at a constant level and our bills dropped by 20 per cent in the first month. I would definitely recommend friends go through the Green Deal as the difference it’s made to my property has been instant and really worthwhile.”

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