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Shower Water and Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is often discussed in length without truly making an impact on the normal day to day person. We live in a world where waste plays a major role without us realising it.

Currently we live on an island where water is scarce and in fulfilling our role in what sustainable living means on a day to day basis, we did the simple process of placing the shower head in a bucket to catch the water while the shower warmed up.The images attached to this article will show you how much water was saved by our family after 3 members of our family had showers and waited for the water to warm while placing the shower head in the bucket.

We shall use this water for the garden or to rinse our car down. There are a number of areas where the water can be used on a daily basis.

This to us, is an easy method to contribute to sustainable living and we offer this tip to you.

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