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Awa finally protected

After months of campaigning by Survival International, Brazil’s government has launched a major ground operation to evict illegal invaders from the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe . … [Read more...]

Celebrities back Awa tribe

One year after Oscar winning actor Colin Firth launched Survival International’s campaign to save the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe, a large number of international celebrities have joined him and his wife Livia in backing the urgent campaign. … [Read more...]

Desperate call to evict loggers

Earth’s most threatened tribe has sent an urgent appeal to Brazil’s government to evict invaders from their forest, as Brazil soccer fans lend their support for the tribe. … [Read more...]

Colin Firth launches campaign

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth today launched a major Survival International campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ - the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon. … [Read more...]

Genocide risk in Brazil

Calls are growing to stop ‘a real situation of genocide’ inside Brazil’s Amazon, as the UN marks International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Experts warn Brazil’s Awá tribe will face extinction unless more is done to protect their land rights, which are being abused by illegal loggers and cattle … [Read more...]