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Awa finally protected

After months of campaigning by Survival International, Brazil’s government has launched a major ground operation to evict illegal invaders from the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe . … [Read more...]

Celebrities back Awa tribe

One year after Oscar winning actor Colin Firth launched Survival International’s campaign to save the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe, a large number of international celebrities have joined him and his wife Livia in backing the urgent campaign. … [Read more...]

Victory for human safari campaign

Survival International’s campaign to stop 'human safaris' in India’s Andaman Islands has gained an important victory, after the Supreme Court banned tourists from traveling along the road which cuts through a tribal reserve. … [Read more...]

Demand Italian priest expulsion

Amazon Indians demand Italian priest’s expulsion over ‘Death Road’ Amazon Indians in Peru have demanded the expulsion of a controversial Italian priest, accusing him of ‘racism and aggression’ over his role in promoting the construction of a new road, which the Indians have labeled ‘the Road of Death’. … [Read more...]

UK urged to ratify a law

Tribes from four continents have urged Britain to ratify a law that will ‘guarantee’ their survival. It is the first time a group of tribal representatives have made such a direct appeal, reflecting the urgent need for the law’s global endorsement. … [Read more...]

Colin Firth launches campaign

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth today launched a major Survival International campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ - the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon. … [Read more...]

Brazil’s Yanomami territory

Survival International has released new pictures of an uncontacted Yanomami village in Brazil, 20 years after one of its crucial campaigns created the biggest forested indigenous territory in the world. … [Read more...]

Survival denounce cannibal claims

Survival International has lodged a formal complaint with authorities in the UK over the ‘highly offensive and ludicrous’ claims in the world’s press that a German tourist missing in the South Pacific has been ‘eaten by cannibals.’ … [Read more...]

Brazil bolsters security for uncontacted Indians

The Brazilian government says it will dispatch National Security Force agents to help protect a tribe of uncontacted Indians missing after drug traffickers attacked a government guard post. … [Read more...]

Ethiopia gives farmland to foreigners

A Survival International investigation has uncovered alarming evidence that some of Ethiopia’s most productive farmland is being stolen from local tribes and leased to foreign companies to grow and export food – while thousands of its citizens starve during the devastating drought. … [Read more...]