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Amazon Indians Territory under threat

Survival International warned today that the uncontacted Amazon Indians recently photographed from the air have been abandoned to their fate after drug smugglers and illegal loggers overran a government post that had been monitoring the Indians’ territory. … [Read more...]

Demand Italian priest expulsion

Amazon Indians demand Italian priest’s expulsion over ‘Death Road’ Amazon Indians in Peru have demanded the expulsion of a controversial Italian priest, accusing him of ‘racism and aggression’ over his role in promoting the construction of a new road, which the Indians have labeled ‘the Road of Death’. … [Read more...]

Horrific treatment of Amazon Indians exposed 100 years ago today

30,000 Amazon Indians were enslaved, tortured, raped and starved in just 12 years during the rubber boom, according to a historic report submitted by Irish investigator Roger Casement, 100 years ago today. Casement was sent by the British government to investigate crimes committed by British-regi GlobalBuzz - … [Read more...]

South American Indians to receive royalties from potato sales

The UN’s Intellectual Property Tribunal today ruled that South American Indians should receive 1% of the profits from potato sales worldwide, ‘in recognition of the fact that potatoes as we know them are effectively an indigenous creation’. The head of the tribunal, Dr. Desiree Dauphinoise, GlobalBuzz - … [Read more...]