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Amazon Indians Territory under threat

Survival International warned today that the uncontacted Amazon Indians recently photographed from the air have been abandoned to their fate after drug smugglers and illegal loggers overran a government post that had been monitoring the Indians’ territory. … [Read more...]

Peruvian ministers resign over Amazon

At least three ministers have resigned in Peru, amidst increasing pressure to approve a controversial gas project in the Amazon. The plan to expand the existing Camisea gas project, which is within the Nahua-Nanti Reserve for uncontacted tribes, has been widely condemned, and in March the UN call GlobalBuzz - … [Read more...]

Destruction of hiding tribes forest

One of Spain’s richest men has been implicated in the illegal bulldozing of a South American forest where the last uncontacted Indians outside the Amazon are hiding, following a recent raid by Paraguayan officials. … [Read more...]

Demand Italian priest expulsion

Amazon Indians demand Italian priest’s expulsion over ‘Death Road’ Amazon Indians in Peru have demanded the expulsion of a controversial Italian priest, accusing him of ‘racism and aggression’ over his role in promoting the construction of a new road, which the Indians have labeled ‘the Road of Death’. … [Read more...]

Jagger drawn into row over in Amazon

Mick Jagger drawn into row over ‘illegal gas grab’ in Peru’s Amazon Music legend Sir Mick Jagger has been drawn into a bitter row over an ‘illegal gas grab’ in the Peruvian Amazon. Peru’s government has provoked fury from indigenous groups after it was discovered that it is GlobalBuzz - Environment … [Read more...]

Colin Firth launches campaign

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth today launched a major Survival International campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ - the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon. … [Read more...]

Genocide risk in Brazil

Calls are growing to stop ‘a real situation of genocide’ inside Brazil’s Amazon, as the UN marks International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Experts warn Brazil’s Awá tribe will face extinction unless more is done to protect their land rights, which are being abused by illegal loggers and cattle … [Read more...]

Worldwide protests against Amazon mega-dam

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in dozens of cities worldwide, to protest against the Belo Monte mega-dam being built in the Brazilian Amazon. Groups across Brazil called on Brazil’s President Rousseff to halt the construction of the destructive dam on the Xingu river. Their message is being echoed by … [Read more...]

Epidemic strikes Amazon nomads

An outbreak of respiratory disease has struck one of the Amazon's last nomadic tribes – whose numbers have already been decimated by flu and malaria. Around 35 Nukak-Maku, including nine children, have been admitted to San José del Guaviare hospital in the southern Colombian Amazon. … [Read more...]

Peru to protect uncontacted tribe’s reserve

Peru’s Culture Ministry has promised to protect an uncontacted tribe’s reserve in the Amazon amid fears that it would be shut down. In a statement released last week, the ministry denied reports that it planned to abolish the Murunahua reserve, and stated that it is fully protected under Peruvian law. … [Read more...]